Winterfest Test Session at Virginia International Raceway

Throughout the fall of 2014 through winter of this year we have been busy designing and testing numerous new products for our Lexus and BRZ/FR-S lineup. It is part of our design approach that nothing we make leaves our shop before it has been thoroughly track tested. So with a mid-winter break in the weather, we were able to schedule track testing at VIR… in February! Our trek down to Virginia began with a stop over at Element Tuning’s shop in Maryland in order to install our brand new BRZ/FR-S Competition Kit on the Element Tuning Time Attack FRS. We heard about Phil’s braking issues throughout the 2014 season and were pleased to team up with Element Tuning and produced a special Competition “Stage IV” brake package that will complement the massive grip of 325 section Hoosier slicks and 1000lbs of rear down-force!

We also brought the RR Racing Lexus IS-F for a track shakedown in order to test our new Competition 2-piece floating rotors, 4 piston rear caliper upgrade, Intake, and Air/Oil Separator system. VIR proved to be an awesome venue for brake testing as we hit 130+mph on the front straight and 150mph on the back straight. We also learned a few valuable lessons that prompted a redesign of our Air/Oil Separator system. One other characteristic we would like to improve in the IS-F is the straign line stability under braking, and the turn in response. The likely culprit here is the soft lower control arm bushing. Unfortunately, no current aftermarket offerings solve the significant dynamic toe changes inherent in the IS-F’s front suspension…. We intend to solve that problem soon, so stay tuned!