Phil Grabow, Element Tuning Time Attack #71, Endorses RR Racing Competition Brake System

RR Racing designed braking system for Element Tuning Time Attack FR-S race car. The system was designed to resolve braking problems Phil had with the OEM system. We initially tested the system during our VIR session earlier this year. After additional testing and several races this season, Phil was very happy with system’s performance.

“RR-Racing stepped up to the plate to design braking system that addresses the weakness of the factory imbalance in brake force distribution. Not only do we have much improved braking balance, I have never run a more powerful braking package on any race car I’ve driven!” – Phil Grabow #71 Element Tuning

We offer this system as our Competition Stage IV Big Brake Kit for BRZ/FR-S. We also developed three other braking systems (Stage I through III) based on this design to fit different performance requirement and price points. Please visit our Brake System catalog for more information.