RR Racing Introduced Penske Suspension for the RCF/RC350!

We are very proud to announce introduction of a new Penske suspension for the RCF/RC350. This suspension exceeded all our expectations — it completely transforms the handling of the car! We tested the suspension on windy and bumpy Pennsylvania roads and both the handling and comfort are unbelievable. Lexus RCF transforms into a true super sports car. Of course, the addition of our Ultimate Steering Response System (USRS) transforms its steering feel and response as well. Please visit our RCF/RC350 catalog to check out these and other great products.

Rafi redesigned the rear suspension to convert the coil-on-arm design to true coilover shock for more linear spring rates and improved at the limit balance. Rear coilover shocks also allow us to use much higher spring rates than stock or any other RCF suspension on the market. High spring rates are critical to controlling the weight transfer on the RCF.

Please stay tuned for track testing of the RCF with Penske next weekend.

Front Penske coilover assembly

Rear Penske re-designed suspension assembly