RR Racing Supercharger Testing at Anza-Borrego Dessert

We took advantage of our trip to Southern California for the events at the Auto Club Speedway at Fontana and Lexus of Escondido to do some supercharger testing at the Anza-Borrego dessert.  The temperature on this day was over 100F and we could test both at high speeds of over 160mph on straightaways as well as on windy climbs.

The testing was very successful.  All components of the supercharger help up very well.  The engine temperature was normal.

Our customers know that RR Racing is putting considerable emphasis on quality and testing of our products prior to release.  So we were very happy to have this opportunity to test the car and the supercharger in high heat dessert conditions.  We are looking forward for more testing at the Auto Club Speedway track.

Here are some more photos from the dessert testing session.

Salton Sea Shore
At Salton Sea Shore

RR Racing Supercharged ISF at Borrego Desser

RR Racing Supercharged ISF -- Borrego Desser

RR Racing Supercharged ISF -- Borrego Dessert Testing