RR Racing Releases New Suspension for Lexus IS-F

Capitalizing on the success of our Penske Racing Shock based suspension, we decided it was time to offer a lower priced alternative for the Lexus owner interested in achieving the ultimate in handling both on the road and on the track.

Rafi, our chief engineer, has stated that RR Racing’sĀ goal was to achieve the instant turn-in response of small dedicated sports cars like the Porsche Cayman, at-the-limit balance and predictability at the track, all while maintaining poise and reasonable comfort on the street. In addition to our performance goals, we also wanted to break the cost barrier, and offer a top end, no compromise, 100% made in USA, single adjustable (rebound adjustment, fixed compression). We are proud to say that we have met all of our design goals, and are pleased to introduce a suspension package that is second only to our higher priced Penske Shock based alternative.

This suspension will be available for ISX and RC-F models in the near future.