RR Racing Releasing Stage II Tune for Their RR490 Supercharger Kit for Lexus 3XX AWD

We promised last year to release stage 2 tuning for our 3XX supercharger kit for Lexus IS300/350, RC300/350 and GS350 models and we now delivered for the AWD vehicles!

IS350 2014+ AWD Supercharger Kit Dyno Chart

As can be seen from this chart, power gains were beyond our expectations at 412 wheel hp and 324.51 wheel torque.  This puts the IS350 AWD higher in terms of power to weight ration than the RC F and even IS F!  Not to mention that the AWD system has a potential to deliver better acceleration results.

This is another monumental achievement from RR Racing’s engineering and tuning staff.   Almost a full year of tuning development and engineering were invested in this project.  RR Racing has achieved what other large known players in the supercharger business were not able to — for example, Stillen backed off their Lexus IS350 supercharger project last year.

Here is a short video of our unofficial 0 to 60 and 60 to 125 testing.

So what is next?  RR Racing is planning to release its 3xx supercharger kit for the IS350 2nd generation (2006 through 2013) in February 2018.  Then we will continue working on stage II tune for the RWD models.  Tuning the RWD models has added complexities for some unique ECU features on these cars.

Stay tuned for more exciting news and product releases from RR Racing!