RR Racing Released New Ultimate Products for Lexus ISF

ISF is one of the greatest sport sedans Lexus has ever released.  What other car can feel as comfortable on the road as it feels on the track?!  RR Racing is known world-wide for its products that make Lexus ISF into a true world-class super sports car.

Some of the most popular early products were the Ultimate Steering Response System (USRS) that makes the ISF steer better than any BMW, and the Air/Oil Separator – a popular modification for many other car models that was not available for Lexus.  RR Racing made an improved canister and sells this useful product at a very affordable price.

Now that ISFs get older, this presents their owner with an opportunity to make them even better.  True that certain parts wear out and break, but RR Racing can replace them with newer, better performing, and less expensive parts.  In the last few months, RR Racing introduced two of these type of ultimate products.
One example of such product is RR Racing’s Ultimate Radiator Package.

Many ISFs are suffering from radiator leak.  Why replace with a costly stock Lexus radiator, when you can replace with RR Racing Radiator Package at a lower price, while significantly improving performance.  RR Racing is using an excellent Koyo radiator with improved cooling performance and an added transmission cooler that is lacking in the OEM design.  So the result is much improved engine and transmission cooling.  This product is quickly becoming one of RR Racing’s most popular products.

Just today RR Racing introduced another ultimate performance product for the ISF – RR Racing Ultimate Engine Mounts.

Many ISF owners noticed that when installing headers they sit too low and rub on the subframe.  The reason for this issue are sagging engine mounts.  There are increasing number of ISFs with failed engine mounts.  Lexus has very good engine mounts, but they were not designed for ultimate performance.

Excessive engine deflection equals wasted power! Additionally, stiffer RR Racing’s engine mounts give you greater feel and control of throttle application, because energy is no longer wasted during engine deflection when transitioning on/off throttle – your throttle inputs are translated directly to the wheels!  Another win-win, ISF owners can replace aging Lexus parts, while improving the performance of their ISF.

Stay tuned for more ultimate performance products from RR Racing soon!