RR Racing Meet and Greet – Colorado

Throughout our years of operation, we have had many customers consistently say, “When are you going to come out here” “You should see the sights and come meet us”.  And what a better way to expand our already great customer service and knowledge than actually start seeing our customers in person!

Well you’ve asked and we made it a reality to meet our customers and see what they’ve done in terms of taking their Lexus to the next level.  Sean, our sales & marketing manager, had the pleasure of representing RR Racing in our first trip to Colorado.  The rest of this article, is Sean’s account of his visit accompanying with many terrific photos (Sean is also a passionate photographer).  Enjoy!

I had my first visit to Colorado two years ago and instantly fell in love.  The scenery, culture of a new state, and the automotive community. Out here in PA, our season tends to end in October, with the winter season over saturated by Subaru’s who tend to fan boy and meet up.  Where as Colorado, there is no stopping the car meets, exotics, domestics and imports all meet up no matter the cold and enjoy the company. My trip out this time was to the city of Denver.

I was speaking with Gabe, a long term customer of RR Racing, for a couple weeks prior, in setting up our first meet and greet photoshoot. He proudly organized the IS-F meet for me. Big thank you to Gabe for his part for rounding up a group of seven IS-F’s.  Each one of the cars modified to the owners own fancy — all equipped with the best performance parts RR Racing has to offer.

Needless to say, the evening was amazing. Driving through the streets of Denver to our first location with some detailed graffiti in the industrial park. Shoutout to Chris for never backing out regardless of how crappy the roads got. Lowered cars are always a nightmare to maneuver around in. After that we made our way back to Denver, where I had the pleasure of riding in Gabe’s IS-F on the highway. The RR Racing’s exhaust (most have our Quad Tip systems that produce a splendid deep racing V8 sounds) tones coming from a seeming-less unsuspecting Lexus never ceased to put a smile on my face.  We arrived back in Denver to a parking garage overlooking the city.

We had a chance to relax a bit as myself and a friend setup the cars for the shoot. Amongst the mingling and getting to know some of the fine details of each car and owner, the underlying question of “Why Lexus” was finally brought to attention.  It’s a question that always seems to strike up the best of conversations, especially knowing what makes a Lexus F brand owner a diehard Lexus person. With limitless options out on the market, the IS-F, for what it is, had the made its claim to fame with the V8 sedan along with the rarity aspect.

We ended the night with our shoot on the roof with a younger aspiring model, Skylinn. Who last minute was able to meet up and ironically enough, just purchased an RC350 F Sport. She fit right in and did her thing in the brisk weather.

I asked our customers and friends at the meet to share with us their Lexus and RR Racing story.  Below are some exerts of what they wrote.

Xavier Calderon

2014 Lexus IS F


I bought the ISF simply because I fell in love with the body and sound of the V8, and it has been a dream car of mine since 08.  I really love the interior with the red and black seats!

I am building the car for racing/street use! My favorite mod would be the RR Racing exhaust and tune! It made it a whole different car!

It’s a FBO car.  RR racing Tuned Intake, AOS, CF intake elbow, tune and has a full PPE exhaust!

Looking to get wheels and suspension soon and hopefully a supercharger in the near future!

Thank you so much for coming out it was night to meet you!

Skylinn Johnson


Year: 2015

Model: RC350 F Sport

Color: White

What made you purchase a Lexus over another brand you were looking at or previous car?

Lexus has always been amazing when it comes to reliability as well as quality. I needed that after only having European cars of my own.

What’s your favorite attributes about your car?

I love the sharp angles the car has. It shows luxury while still holding onto the aggressive look.

What are you building your car for? (track, street, show, racing)

I’m definitely building my car for show. I’ve always wanted to have a Lexus to work on and this was the one.

What’s currently done to your car?

I have exhaust work done and tint. So far the car has stayed stock since its relatively new.

Being an RR Racing customer what’s been your favorite mod or what is going to be your dream list for purchase?

On my dream list there is one main one and that is [Air Lift Suspension] bags. Everyone could always go more low and that’s what I need.

Gabe Herrera
Year: 2010
Model: ISF
Color: Ultrasonic Blue Mica
I’ve been a car guy ever since I can remember back to when I was about 5 or 6 years old and having a fascination with cars and how they accelerate. I remember the first time I saw and sat in a 1988 Honda Prelude and the ergonomics of that car when I was younger were to my young eyes astounding and heads and shoulders above the domestic cars at the time.
That car kind of catapulted me into foreign JDM cars and their quality and attention to detail over the domestics which drew me into that culture. Fast forward over the next 25+ years and I’ve had stints with the Nissan 300zx Z32 the Acura NSX, Honda Prelude, a Hyundai Genesis and now my Lexus ISF.
I remember when Lexus started their whole campaign back in the early 90’s of anti-aging of the interiors and the premise of having the interiors last for decades possibly without too much deterioration compared to domestics or even JDM competitors. Lexus has established it reputation for quality and reliability over the past 25+ years and therefore when I was looking for my next performance sedan I was shifting my attention to the Lexus brand because I had never owned one up until that point.
I remember when the ISF came out in 2008 and what a performer it was for the time (10+ years ago) . When I realized how little they produced and sold by model year I had to have one because of the rarity of the car. I have always been one to have rare cars that not too many people drive and the Lexus ISF fit all the criteria of a performance sedan with power and reliability with a V8!!
I would classify my build right now as FBO streetable and canyon carver. I have not yet taken it to the track, but definitely have done all of the mods to get it to the FBO status with the help of Rafi & Simon @ RR Racing.
My mods include:
GESI high flow metal substrate cats welded into exhaust
Swift springs
Bilstein B6 shocks
VMR V803’s 19″ wheels
Endless MX 72 brake pads w/ Endless brake fluid
Red custom wrapped calipers F&R
Vland 3IS tail lights
78 Works headlights 2nd generation
Throttle controller
Since the majority of my mods are from RR Racing. I would say that my favorite mod has to be the headers for the car as that mod truly opens up the 2UR-GSE and works in conjunction with associating mods to complete the FBO status and make the car what it is today.
The dream list at this point is what most if not all ISF owners would love to have and that ‘s the RR Racing Rotrex C38 S/C kit for the car developed by RR Racing!!!!
Thanks again to Rafi, Simon and Sean for setting this meet & greet up!!
Gabe Herrera

Neal Smith

Lexus ISF

Year: 2012

Model: ISF

Color: Obsidian Black

Send over a brief background on yourself and your history on the automotive world (previous cars or what gained your interest in cars) Mostly owned American performance cars in the past. Wanted to get back into sports cars after having 4 Wheel Drive trucks and SUVs more recently.

What made you purchase a Lexus over another brand you were looking at or previous car? Reliability and exclusivity. I was looking at BMW – M3, Mercedes C63 etc.. after researching, I decided to go with Lexus for their performance and reliability. Having a very rare car is an added plus!

What’s your favorite attributes about your car? The performance

What are you building your car for?

What’s currently done to your car?

Apexi, Bayson R, Borla, Endless MX72 – Endless Fluid, HPS, MPSS 255/275, 78 Works, RR Racing – AOS, RR Racing Penske, PPE – Ceramic Coated, Tune/Tuned Intake with K&N air filter, USRS, RR Racing 4 piston rears- w/ BP20 pads, SS Brake Lines.

Being an RR Racing customer what’s been your favorite mod or what is going to be your dream list for purchase? Love the RR Racing Performance pack with the Tune, Headers, Intake..  Also really love the RR Racing Penske stage 2 coil-overs and rear RR Racing 4 piston Wilwood calipers brake kit and BP-20 pads which made a huge improvement in cornering and braking. Would love to get the supercharger at some point if funds allow….


2011 Lexus ISF Smokey Granite Mica
Grew up with a home mechanic dad, helped do maintenance on family vehicles, as a teenager, my dad built me a go-cart and let me help spec out the drivetrain.  I’ve been into cars since then.  Started off with a 2003 6 speed V6 Hyundai Tiburon, eventually modded to 280 WHP with an NGM Motorsports roots-style supercharger, full DC Sports exhaust, Fidanza clutch and Clutchmasters St. 3 clutch, Megan coilovers, RR Racing Rear BBK, reduced weight from 3200-2600 pounds with the help some of my own carbon fiber parts.  Next had a 2011 370Z, modded that with Z1 Motorsports dual intakes, Motordyne ART pipes and dual 2.5″ exhaust.
Traded in the Z after a year for the ISF.  The reason why I picked the ISF is the poor build quality and overall “cheap” feel of the Z.  The Z looked great, handled very well, but the build quality was lacking, the headrests were loose etc.. just felt cheap.  I actually got the ISF because it was everything I wanted completely stock, enough power and handling to keep me happy.
Favorite attributes of the ISF are how solid and well built it is compared to my previous cars.  I’m building my car strictly for myself at this point, trying to maximize the engine’s potential and starting it on a diet – likely starting with my own CF parts (roof, aero parts for starters).
My plan of buying the F and leaving it stock lasted about 3 months, then I bought PPE headers and installed them in my garage.  I then met Gabe and the Colorado F crew and the modding accelerated, with a Borla exhaust, RR Racing USRS, and Swift lowering springs.  I was hesitant at first to dig into the ECU, but after seeing the success of the other F owners, bought the initial RR Racing tune and sent in my ECU to be retuned.  After helping a local F owner install and road test his RR Racing Tuned Intake, I went ahead and bought one as well with the OBD tuner.
My favorite mod(s) is a tie between the USRS, and the tune.  The tune was just so fun getting the high altitude adjustments figured out with lots of datalogging and back and forth with RR Racing, and figuring out how ethanol blending affected the tune for the better.  The USRS was such a nice improvement in handling confidence and feel, with absolutely no downside.
Thank you for coming out to Colorado!

Chris Giovenco
Year: 2008
Model: IS-F
Color: Starfire Pearl
I started out in the tuning scene like much of the world with a Honda. My first tuner was a Honda Del Sol SOHC. That car got me into working on my own cars and modding them. I started out with the obvious exterior cosmetics, exhaust, lowering springs and wheels then eventually graduated to doing my own HID retrofit then build my own turbo kit.  I eventually moved onto a 2002 Honda S2000. I never had such car that gave such a visceral experience when driving. I still own this car to this day 12 years later. I daily drove and tracked that car with no remorse and it just didn’t want to break.After having nothing but two seaters for a decade I wanted something bigger and more practical and that’s when my search for a new vehicle started. I like having unique and uncommon cars but I wanted to stay Japanese for obvious reliability and cost of ownership. I’ve always enjoyed the IS-F since I remember seeing the blue IS-F commercial come sliding on screen. When I finally started hunting for an IS-F I found it was extremely rare here and Colorado but I knew I was looking for a few specific colors, blue, white, silver. I searched far and wide, traveling to other states attempting to buy a couple cars that fell thru, probably for the best, and since I’m so picky it took me 1.5 years to find one I pulled the trigger on.What’s your favorite attributes about your car?
The aggressive yet sleeper personality of the car. The fact that people are clueless that it’s not the average ‘f sport’ that takes people by surprise when they hear that v8.

What are you building your car for? (track, street, show, racing)
Not really into the show scene although my car could be. I’m anal and keep my car meticulously clean. I drive the car a ton on road trips and just for quick errands just to hear that v8 growl. But I’ve also track the car since that’s where this car belongs, unlashed.

What’s currently done to your car?
2012 Headlights, KWv3 coilovers, Figs mega arms, toe links, SPC ball joints in the front, Volk TE37 with rare RBC finish, Lexon Exclusive front lip and roof spoiler color matched, Tom’s Racing color matched side skirts, Wald diffuser, Vorsteiner Ventross trunk, JoeZ performance intake elbow and exhaust,  RR Racing Tuned PPE catless headers cerakoted jet black, RR racing AOS, RR Racing Tuned Intake, RR racing USRS.

Being an RR Racing customer what’s been your favorite mod or what is going to be your dream list for purchase?
Favorite mod is a combo of the RR Tuned Intake, PPE headers and JoeZ Exhaust. I would like to either upgrade to an actual LSD diff [RR Racing custom configured Cusco LSD] or supercharger but we’ll see how long I keep the car now that I’ve gone the electric route.

Eric Garduno
Blue with Alpine white interior. I’ve lived in Colorado my entire life. I own my own business which gives me time to do the things I love. My Dad was always into fast cars and got me involved from an early age. I remember when he took me out doing 100 mph in a 72 Camaro and after that I was hooked.Some of the cars I’ve owned
1986 Toyota Turbo Supra
1986 Suzuki Gamma
2000 Toyota 4Runner TRD Supercharged
2002 Honda Civic SI highly modified
2002 Yamaha R1
2007 Acura TL Type SWhat made me purchase a Lexus was the overall aesthetics and performance. I love that it can be tracked on the weekends and driven during the weekdays. I can honestly say that there is nothing that I don’t like about this car. For me it’s a dream car. I am building it for street, show and track. Why not?The car is currently stock. I am getting ready to do RR Racing PPE Tuned Headers, RR Racing Quad Tip Full exhaust, RR Racing Quad Tip axle back, RR Racing Tuned Intake and tune. I am also adding an AOS [Air/Oil Separator], RR Racing Ultimate Engine Mounts, and will be upgrading the headlights to the LED Halo lights.

My dream list includes a RR Racing Cusco LSD and a Wald International body kit.

Josh Smith

2009 Lexus ISF

Starfire pearl

History in the automotive world?

The day I was eligible to have a permit you bet I was the first in line, always loved cars or automotive in general, from when I was a kid I had cut outs of supercars taped all over my walls. My first hobby in cars was in car audio, was heavy in the audio scene for about 3 years, until I accomplished 150 db legal from the trunk.  Shortly after I had dropped the hobby after achieving my goals. From my Honda Civic I moved to an is250 and enjoyed having my first “nice” vehicle, and well… as always, started modifying it. One day I had stumbled across on an ISF on the road and was in awe of how it sounded, instantly made it a dream car, I wanted the power and essentially keep the 2is, had always liked the 2is. They were pretty rare in Colorado at the time. So here we are, saved up some money and went from an is250 to ISF.

What made me purchase a lexus over any other brand?

After hours of research before I had bought my 250, I compared lots of BMW, Mercedes and others to Lexus and all fell short on the reliability factor. Once I had my 250 for over 50,000 miles with nearly zero issues, I became a big Lexus fan. Might not be the fastest on the streets, but reliability is hard to ignore.

What are my favorite attributes about the ISF?

Rarity, I see more McLarens, Lamborghinis and Ferrari’s than I do of any Lexus F. I’ll always love the growl of the 2UR, the fact that v8’s are essentially being phased out of production lines makes me want to hold on to it even more. Amongst other things I always loved the styling for a sedan, though they have started to look dated in the market today the F will always mean something special to me.

What am I building my car for?

Originally, I  blended show and street, threw on airlift suspension and had my fun in the bagged scene for a few years, and still continue too today. Being tuned and FBO is perfect blend of show and street/race. However, now that I’ve had my fun, truth is… I’m losing too many 40 rolls haha. The next transition is going to be coilovers and a nice set of sticky tires, that can handle some spirited mountain drives and the power of a supercharger.

Current setup:

Engine: RR Racing Tuned PPE headers coated by swain industries

Joe-Z catback exhaust
Exterior: 5% tintOutcast garage demon carbon trunk Gloss black roof wrap
Toms rear diffuser
Toms sidskirts
BaysonR front lip
2012 Conversion
Headlights3000k fogs
Vland smoked tails
20” Work ST1 Zeast wheels
Interior: Custom coffee stains and some dog hair 😉

Favorite mods from RR?

I don’t specifically have a favorite mod, however the USRS bushings have been a huge help with the car while braking. The rear end would seem to lift and get extremely squirrely. Been very pleased as well with the tuned intake and the tune. I’m so glad RR continues to strive for more power as we keep pushing the platform. My dream of course is to have the supercharger!

Would like to thank Rafi, Simon, Sean and the whole team for continuing to push the platform, and I am seriously excited to see what you guys are working on next! So happy RR took hold to break ground on our platform, it has been a huge gamechanger. So needless to say we are all fans of you guys and your whole team, especially for spending the extra time to work with us up here at high altitude and sending test maps to data log  to try to optimize all of us here in CO. Was a pleasure meeting you Sean, and thanks again for coming out to see us! Lets do it again soon, perhaps you can come out for a ride along for our bishops castle yearly F cruise? Usually about 8-15 of us show!

Photos taken by:
RR Racing – Sean Anthony (Media/Marketing/Sales)
Sean Kelley – @grim_photography85
Sean Anthony – Shadowed Imagery