A New Record Set in New Zealand!

Brett Charlton set a new time record for installing our supercharger kit for Lexus GSF. Brett installed the kit all by himself in just 14 hours!

Brett is an avid automotive performance enthusiast. He has been modifying cars since he was a teenager. In addition to his GSF, he has a 780whp Supra and 540 whp JZS 161 Aristo. At the same time, Brett does not have a performance shop, and he is not a professional mechanic.

We had several customers install our supercharger kits by themselves, but this is definitely a record time. Brett wrote that he was very satisfied with the quality of the parts and the clarity of the installation instructions.

Brett has a right hand drive GSF. As we can only tune 2015-2017 US ECUs, Brett had to purchase an US ECU and swap the ECU. Brett tested this process couple of months ago with our regular tune. As the tune worked perfectly, he went ahead with the supercharger purchase.

Here are few more photos that Brett shared from his installation.