RR Racing Releases New Affordable Supercharger Kit for Lexus ISF

Rafi Raban, RR Racing’s President and Chief Engineer, stated that it is hard to believe that as of 2019, our original “RR625” ISF supercharger kit featured on many dozens of ISF’s throughout the world, has now been in production for over 3 years!

While this kit has proven to be reliable and upgradable to power levels of over 650whp (or 780hp at the crank), we are now introducing the Street kit intended to fulfill the needs of ISF owners looking for a significant power boost at a reduced price. This kit makes 530whp (about 625hp at the crank) with 30% ethanol blend.

For more information on this kit, please refer to the product page:

RR Racing RR625 Street Supercharger Kit.