RR Racing S/C Latest Power Improvements

RR Racing is continuing to improve the power of its RR780 supercharger kits for Lexus RCF and GSF and set new records. Last month we tuned our RR780 Stage 4 RCF supercharger kit to make a record 739whp and 557-wheel torque!

This RCF was running on a full tank of e85. RR Racing engineering keeps improving the hardware of fuel delivery as well as related tuning. This RCF was also equipped with PPE Racing Tuned Headers and RR Racing Valvetronic Bazooka exhaust.

This month after installing the RR Racing RR780 kit on a 2020 Lexus GSF, we were able to achieve a healthy 746whp (a record for this configuration). This GSF was running on 100% race fuel for this test. As we cannot tune the 2017 and newer GSF ECUs, we had to swap the OEM 2020 ECU with 2016 ECU. This was the first time RR Racing successfully performed the swap on a 2020 model year.

The difference between running e85 and race fuel is that race fuel does not require upgrading the port injectors.

This GSF was also equipped with PPE Ceramic Coated Racing Headers (unequal length) and RR Racing Valvetronic Bazooka exhaust.

It is important to note that both cars achieved this power level using stock engine and transmission. By now RR Racing has well over a hundred supercharged F cars on the road (and many are 100% racetrack dedicated). This is a testament to the durability of the Lexus V8 power train.

RR Racing is going to continue to make improvements to its RR780 supercharger kits for the RCF and GSF models as well as start developing new kits for the new IS500 cars.