New Dyno Tests New Records

Lexus ISF is a legendary car, and it has been an amazing platform for us. RR Racing started our Lexus legacy by making performance products for the ISF. We are proud to be the largest performance manufacturer for Lexus ISF in the world! We have the most products and the most advanced tuning. We prove this claim with dyno-testing of our latest Lexus ISF installations.

We have not tested our famous Performance Package that includes our unique Tuned Intake system as well as our true-dual Quad Tip catback exhaust system in a while. Testing from about four years ago used the more conservative SAE correction. We have not changed the hardware nor the tuning, but in this test, we used STD correction that is more commonly used by other tuners and we learned that adding e85 with our tunes produces better results.

Last month we have had an opportunity to upgrade two ISF RR780 S/C kits to Stage 4. This included the added sump/pump system, upgraded port injectors and our ethanol gauge kit. The results were pretty impressive with some improvements in tuning. Both developed power of around 714 hp at the wheels! Previously this power was only possible with RCF Stage 4 kits.