RR Racing Releases New Dual Adjustable Suspension for Lexus RCF and GSF

In addition to our flagship Penske dual adjustable suspension, we now offer a dual adjustable lower cost alternative.

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These dual adjustable shocks expand upon all the advantages of our single adjustable Road & Track R2 coilovers by offering independent adjustability of Compression and Rebound damping. The large external reservoir attached to the shock serves as an additional store of hydraulic fluid, which allows the shocks to operate cooler and with lower gas pressure, giving them better response than conventional shocks.

We recommend these shocks to all customers who do aggressive curve driving on the roads as well some track. This suspension is heavier than RR Racing Penske suspension and Penske has much superior shock quality. The Road & Track product, however, is quieter than Penske (as Penskes were made for racing optimizing performance). Therefore, customers who desire the most performance with relatively quieter ride should be happy with this product. Please note, however, that both products are racing quality products that offer much stiffer ride and some minor noise relative to stock suspension.

Please refer to the detailed product page for a complete list of benefits and features.