First Ever Lightweight Dampened Crank Pulley Released

RR Racing just released world first lightweight dampened crank pulley for all Lexus V8 cars (Lexus v8 2UR-GSE). The list includes Lexus ISF, RC F, GS F, IS500, and LC500. Why is this such a big deal, you ask.

Because this product delivers a proven real-world improvement in acceleration! The faster acceleration is due to a) 50% rotational weight saving and b) 5X reduction in rotational inertia.

What is Harmonic Damper?

Most modern engines today are internally balanced, but still retain a “harmonic balancer crank pulley.” The OEM crank pulley on the ISF/RCF/GSF/IS500/LC500 is made from heavy cast iron and employs a rubber suspended ring. This ring plays an important role in reducing engine vibrations and improving the life of engine components. Rather than make a lightweight pulley that eliminates vibration dampening, our Ultimate Damper incorporates a genuine ATI Super Damper internal inertia ring. ATI is well known for producing aftermarket dampers used extensively in performance and race engines (i.e., NASCAR V8’s). The ATI inertia ring design employs elastomers on the inside AND outside of an inertial ring, allowing for more effective damping of vibrations compared to OEM type crank pulleys with rubber damper only on the inside of an inertia ring. To put our Ultimate Damper to the test, we use it on our shop Supercharged ISF, currently making 730 horsepower at the wheels!

According to our testing approximately 0.2sec improvement in measured 20-68mph acceleration as proven by our in-house testing (see comparison chart below).

How did you conduct your performance testing to determine a 0.2sec improvement in 20-68mph time?

We conducted all testing in 2nd gear from a 20mph roll. Although the crank pulley will result in greater benefit in 1st gear, we wanted to eliminate tire slip as a variable, as we conducted testing on the street, not a prepped drag strip. Utilizing a Dragy performance meter, we conducted 4-5 warm up passes to warm up the tires and the engine, after which we found times to be very consistent. All testing was conducted on the same day, same ambient temperature of 85F, and on the same 75,000-mile RCF equipped with headers, exhaust, and tune. It took us approximate 45 minutes to install the pulley, so all testing with the upgraded pulley was conducted within 45min of the baseline OEM pulley test. We used the same road and same starting point for all testing.

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