RR Racing History & Mission


After obtaining his BS and MS in Engineering at Lehigh and Carnegie Mellon Universities, Rafi Raban worked as senior engineer specializing in advanced alloy development at a major aerospace & defense company. His hobby and passion, however, was motorsports and car tuning. As one of his projects in 2000, Rafi re-engineered a 1997 Ford Probe GT from the ground-up. Leveraging his exceptional engineering expertise with knowledge of state-of-the-art automotive technologies, he successfully turned Ford Probe GT from an underpowered 165hp coupe into a Supercharged 330 HP 150+MPH track car.

After accumulating considerable knowledge and experience in Europe, while building even better and faster street and track cars, Rafi finally switched to focus full time on his passion.

In 2001, RR-Racing was created as Rafi began offering the parts he engineered to other Ford Probe GT and Mazda MX6 owners. He adopted certain off-the-shelf components and engine management solutions, and engineered other components entirely, such as the RR-Racing competition brake kits. RR Racing offered exceptional quality parts and excellent customer service, and quickly gained recognition as a dominant e-commerce supplier in the Mazda/Probe/MX6 market world-wide.

Then in 2003 Rafi accepted a position as the Manufacturing and Quality Representative to Israel, Europe and Russia, and he moved to live in Israel. There he continued upgrading cars as the exclusive Ecutek tuner. In addition to tuning hundreds of cars, Rafi personally built numerous high power Subaru STi’s, BRZ’s, and Honda S2000’s. He also enjoyed driving on the German and Italian autobahns, testing sports cars on The Nurburgring, and exchanging technical know-how with European race car drivers and performance experts.

Today RR Racing is a leading motorsports performance parts provider that engineers and manufactures its own brand quality parts supplemented by selling some of the best brands available. Our mission is to offer quality parts at best possible value on the market. Every part we engineer and manufacture is vigorously tested on the road and on the track. We are proud that all of our brand parts are engineered and manufactured here in the United States of America.

RR Racing offers exceptional engineering, manufacturing, and customer service to automotive enthusiasts world-wide!