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Shop Services

After we moved into our new expanded facility last year, in addition to engineering and manufacturing some of the best performance products, we now also install our products, offer dyno testing and tuning, custom fabrication, and other select performance shop services.  Our friendly staff is highly experienced in product testing, research and development, fabrication, and motorsports related services.


We offer competitive pricing and quality work.  Some of our shop services and prices are listed below:

  • RR Racing Supercharger Installation for Porsche 991.1: $2900
  • RR Racing Supercharger Installation for ISF/RCF/GSF: $2700
  • RR Racing Supercharger Installation for IS/GS/RC350: $1900
  • RR Racing Suspension Installation (w/out alignment): $650
  • RR Racing Tuned Intake Install: $100
  • RR Racing USRS Install (without suspension): $140
  • RR Racing Brake Kit Installation (one axle): $400
  • Lexus ISF/RCF Rotor and Pad installation: $250
  • Dyno testing: $250 per hour (does not include any tuning)
  • Diagnostic: $160 per hour
  • Other mechanical work $140 per hour
  • Engine Build: Custom Quote

Please contact us for estimates/quotes for services not listed above.

We have a limited availability to provide shop services with priority given to customers who bought our products.  Please contact us to schedule an appointment at (484) 756-1777 or

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Technical Help

Unlike our competition, we do not just sell parts, we design, build, and manufacture. Please call us or email us with all your technical questions.
Call (484) 756-1777

Sponsorship Program

RR Racing may be interested sponsoring race car drivers or car show enthusiasts.  To discuss sponsorship, please email us a proposal to

International Orders

Please note that we no longer accept international credit cards due to fraud (we accept Canadian credit cards).  For international payments, please use PayPal payment method.

Our shopping cart supports automatic shipping pricing for shipping addresses outside United States. However, if the shipping cost seems too high for large and heavy items (for large orders only), or you do not get any shipping options, please contact us at, and we will provide you with a quote via email. If you agree to the quoted amount, you can place an order on-line and select shipping method “Please invoice me for shipping” — we will bill for shipping before we ship your order. If we find any errors in automated shipping quote, we will contact you prior to shipping.  This does not apply to shipments to Canada of most products (except large products such as headers, exhaust and supercharger kits).  Shipping prices to Canada are accurate, and we will not manually bill most Canadian shipments.

Re-Selling RR Racing OBD Tunes

RR Racing tunes are sold for one specific car only.  They cannot be used to tune multiple cars. However, our customers can resell our tunes following this procedure —

a. The stock file must be written to the ECU first (please select Write/Stock File).
b. The existing customer must contact us by emailing to or calling 484-756-1777 to let us know that you want to sell your tune.  Please provide the name you used buying the tune and device serial number (on the back of the MyGenius device).
c. We will email you the procedure to reset the device.
d. RR Racing has a tune transfer charge that can be calculated by taking the cost of a similar tune minus $230.  The cost of transferring a tune to a new car for the same tune owner is $140 (the previous car must have been flashed to stock).  Please note that RR Racing supports one transfer only.  RR Racing can approve a second transfer depending on circumstances.  Also, when a tune is sold with a car, RR Racing reserves the right to charge for any new tune updates.
e. The new tune owner has to repeat the ID reading procedure, and then we will email the tune file to the new owner.

When RR Racing ISF Tuned Intake system is not bought direct from RR Racing, a customer who already bought an ISF tune from us will only have to pay $140 for the Tuned Intake tune.  Customer who also bought the tune and Tuned Intake used, will pay the above re-tune price (i.e., cost of our ISF tune minus $230).

Please note that once the car is sold, RR Racing’s support is not transferrable.  RR Racing may choose to bill for any support services that a new owner may request.

RR Racing can no longer support the Alien Tech Powergate tuning devices for transfer purposes, as Alien Tech does not support resetting of these devices by RR Racing.