Fall is in-the-air Sale!

RR Racing is not known for our sales. Our policy is to keep the prices as low as possible throughout the year and not to play the sale games. We realize, however, that this year is unique creating various challenges. As the weather is very nice here in sough-eastern Pennsylvania, the fall colors are beautiful, and the leaves are falling. So, we decided that this may be a great opportunity for a quick fall flash 10% off sale on selected products!

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Buyer Beware!

When RR Racing started tuning Lexus in 2016 (starting with Lexus ISF), there were no commercial tools available. We invested heavily in the effort and testing to develop tuning capabilities. Even then there were “tuner” scam artists who claimed to develop various hardware plug-ins or tunes for Lexus, but their fraud was relatively easy to identify. Today, there are several commercial tools available that are able to write to various Lexus ECUs. As expected, there have been so called “tuners” popping up who have made extravagant claims for their Lexus tuning capabilities. We welcome competition, and we are always on a lookout for technical talent that can supplement our tuning team. Sadly, we mostly encounter “tuners” who at best exaggerate their claims and at worse simply commit fraud. This article gives a few examples of this unfortunate phenomenon to help you identify questionable tuning products.

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RR Racing Meet and Greet – Colorado

Throughout our years of operation, we have had many customers consistently say, “When are you going to come out here” “You should see the sights and come meet us”.  And what a better way to expand our already great customer service and knowledge than actually start seeing our customers in person!

Well you’ve asked and we made it a reality to meet our customers and see what they’ve done in terms of taking their Lexus to the next level.  Sean, our sales & marketing manager, had the pleasure of representing RR Racing in our first trip to Colorado.  The rest of this article, is Sean’s account of his visit accompanying with many terrific photos (Sean is also a passionate photographer).  Enjoy!

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Modifying a Lexus Vs. a Subaru — Which Brand Comes On Top?

As many of you know, the roots of our business is in many projects modifying Subaru WRX.  In the last three years, we have been hard at work developing the Lexus IS/GS/RC350 platform and making sure that our customers can extract the maximum performance from these cars, at a reasonable price. Our IS/RC/GS 300/350 supercharger kits now produce a reliable 445whp output, all while maintaining the excellent reliability of the stock engine and transmission. We offer a range of other products, such as suspension and brake upgrades to bring these cars up to true ultra-high levels of performance.

So how does the 3rd generation IS300/350 platform stack up the wildly popular Subaru WRX and STI’s?  We did a little analysis, evaluating everything from purchase price to cost of upgrades.  Here is what we found:
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Epic F Meet at Lexus Of Escondido!

Over 60 IS-F and 12 RC F came to see the RR Racing’s Supercharged IS-F as well as spend time with each other and share their car experiences.  Lexus of Escondido were superb hosts providing lunch, entertainment, and many prizes to all participants.  By some accounts this was a record gathering of F cars in U.S.!


Participants came from all over California, Arizona, and even Texas and Canada!

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