Track Testing at New Jersey Motorsports Park, Lightening Raceway

Another great opportunity to push our new products to the limit. This time we took our Lexus IS-F back to the track equiped with our “top secret” RR-Racing double adjustable coilovers, new redesigned lower control arm bushing, and redesigned Air/Oil Seperator. The new coilovers and lower control arm bushings were amazing as the ride to the track was more compliant than stock, but once we hit the track and dialed up the damping, the improvement in turn-in response and at the limit behavior of the car was significant. We conducted all our initial testing with the traction/stability control turned off. This ensured that we were tuning the suspension to achieve an inherent balanced behavior, without interference from the on-board electronic aids. Achieving balance and predictability without traction/stability engages ensures that once the electronic aids are turned on, their interference is minimal – and less interference equals better lap times!