The Most Complete Dyno Testing of Lexus RCF

It has been over five years since we first tuned and supercharged the Lexus RCF, and we are very grateful for all the support we received from the Lexus RCF community over the years!  This month PPE shipped us prototype of their catted racing headers for Lexus RCF (using 400 cel GESI EPA cats) for our testing and development. We decided to use this opportunity to perform the most transparent and thorough testing of RCF mods. This was especially revealing given the recent trend with some tuners who have released grandiose claims (of up 20-30 hp gains!) by playing tricks with Dyno testing, showing unrealistically low baseline dyno results, and in general advertising dyno results with very little clarity or transparency in what was done.

If you are interested in understanding true RCF performance, you will read carefully this article.

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RR Racing Suspension Products Explained!

In this new video, RR Racing’s founder and chief engineer, Rafi Raban, talks about our suspension products. This is a very helpful overview of RR Racing’s impressive offering of Lexus suspension performance products. This video includes a peak into our newest product that is expected to be released soon.

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