Another Race Car Driver Endorses RR Racing Brake Systems!

Neal Wiebmer, Club 86 race car driver, installed RR Racing State II front and Competition rear brake kits and after testing on the track made the following statement: “Saturday, I was running the first session, right at 8am. I hopped on the track and after one lap had the brakes [stage II competition front and rear brake kit] bedded perfectly. The stopping power was AMAZING. I am used to running pads with a bit more of an initial bite, but after getting used to these pads, I felt very confident with them. Consistency was great, I never went into a braking zone having to guess/hope I had enough brake. It was well over 100 degrees all day and the brakes stayed absolutely consistent the whole time, my tires however, did not.”

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RR Racing Sponsored Our First FT86 Club Meeting

RR Racing sponsored our first FT86 meeting in New Hope Pennsylvania. The FT86 meeting organizer led us on a terrific drive through the back roads between New Hope and Easton and then back on the New Jersey side. The windy roads suited well the agile FR-Ss and BRZs at the meeting. Everyone had a great time with the exception of when a park ranger (who apparently was irritated by 10 sports cars zooming in front of him) threatened to give a ticket to one of the participants. At the end we were able to avoid the ticket and all ended well. After the fun drive members were interested to learn about RR Racing new brake systems for the BRZ/FR-S. We capped the day in the local brewery where RR Racing bought everyone beer and appetizers. We are looking for more fun meets in the near future!

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