RR Racing Released New Suspension Products for Porsche

RR Racing’s suspension engineering was working hard on innovative new products for Porsche. We just released two new products: Adjustable Caster Bushings and Coilover Conversion Kit.

The RR Racing Adjustable Caster Bushing product fits all 997, 991, 987, 981 Porsche models.

This is the most cost-effective suspension modification for Porsche available. By replacing the rubber bushing with a solid version, not only do you reduce unwanted suspension movement which results in dynamic toe and camber movement under heavy cornering, but you also add caster adjustability. Increasing caster, particularly in the front, improves suspension geometry such that more camber is gained when the wheels are turned. The addition caster allows for less static camber, thereby reducing inner tire wear (particularly in street applications). Additionally, added caster gives your 911 or Cayman that added steering weight which is essential for optimal steering feel.

Our Porsche Coilover Conversion kit is the world’s first kit that includes front adjustable camber plates that fully convert the front upper spring perch to a fully articulating design, just like the GT3/RS.

This important feature is explained in the diagram below.

As the suspension articulates, the spring bends to accommodate the changing shock angles. A bending spring results significant lateral loads on the shock absorber, particularly when springs are upgraded to stiffer versions. Reduction in lateral shock loading is especially important because lateral shock loads result increased shock wear as well as reduction in the shocks ability to dampen vertical loads.

In addition, RR Racing offers fully customizable spring options — customers can choose from our street, or road & track spring settings, or consult with one of our suspension specialists on a totally custom spring rate setup that meets your needs.

Please refer to the detailed product description for a complete list of features and benefits.