Buyer Beware!

When RR Racing started tuning Lexus in 2016 (starting with Lexus ISF), there were no commercial tools available. We invested heavily in the effort and testing to develop tuning capabilities. Even then there were “tuner” scam artists who claimed to develop various hardware plug-ins or tunes for Lexus, but their fraud was relatively easy to identify. Today, there are several commercial tools available that are able to write to various Lexus ECUs. As expected, there have been so called “tuners” popping up who have made extravagant claims for their Lexus tuning capabilities. We welcome competition, and we are always on a lookout for technical talent that can supplement our tuning team. Sadly, we mostly encounter “tuners” who at best exaggerate their claims and at worse simply commit fraud. This article gives a few examples of this unfortunate phenomenon to help you identify questionable tuning products.

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