RCF Gets Even More Power!

RR Racing’s engineering and tuning is at it again! This time with the help from the new Rotrex C38R blower, we were able to get RCF to 700hp at the wheels.

This is our newest Stage 4 configuration that uses C38R Rotrex blower and our methanol kit.  100 octane race fuel was used to achieve the most power, but with 93 octane, we were able to get a very decent 673whp.

So now we have four stage upgrades available for our RR670 Supercharger kit:

  • Stage 1: e85 gauge kit, Stage 1 pulley and tune for 638whp. Stage 1 requires an e30 blend to run full power.
  • Stage 2: e85 gauge kit, Stage 2 pulley, external sump/pump system and stage 2 tune for 660whp.  Stage 2 requires an e50 blend (or about 42% e85 in the tank).
  • Stage 3: same as Stage 2 but with upgraded port injectors for 680whp.  Stage 3 requires about e70 ethanol blend to run full power (or about 100% e85 in the tank).
  • Stage 4: C38R, special pulley, methanol kit and Stage 4 tune for 700whp!  Stage 4 runs on 93 octane (or race gas for achieving full power).

Please note that for new supercharger kit, all stages will come with C38R blowers.  Existing kits could be upgraded for Stage 1 through 3 with existing C38-92 blowers, but please contact us to understand some possible warranty limitations with this setup.

Watch this short video of Rafi explaining some of the components of our RCF supercharger kits and the differences between our Street Kit and the full RR670 kit.