RR Racing Released a Supercharger Kit for Porsche 991.1

The world’s first supercharger kit for Porsche Carrera 911 (991.1) is now available from RR Racing. This was one of our most sophisticated projects that took over a year to complete with thousands of engineering and tuning hours. The kit went through 7000 miles of street testing, over 300 dyno pulls, and many test sessions on the track. We spared no expense developing this kit!

Our goal with our latest supercharger kit was to meet and exceed the performance of the 991 GT3 with the 2012-16 991.1 Carrera, Carrera S, and GTS platform. After purchasing our own 54,000 mile shop 2012 Carrera S, and completing nearly a year of development including 7000 miles of street testing, several hundred dyno runs on our in-house AWD DynoJet, and 4 track days, we are ready to introduce the most significant performance upgrade for the 991.1.

You can hear the story from Rafi Raban, our President and Chief Engineering Officer:

The kit is available on our on-line store here: https://www.rr-racing.com/Porsche-Carrera-911-991-1-Supercharger-Kit-p/9911scr0001.htm

If you are interested, please contact us first. We are looking for a few customers to implement the first production units in our shop. Please contact us at 484-756-1777 or email to contact@rr-racing.com.